Freezing in Neokyo [Apple TV] [iOS] [1.47.2] [September 2023]

@R_osco_P_Coltrane and @Louise_Deak
There should be more than one crash log file for the day you had problems? We’d like you to email all of those to us because we don’t allow text files to be uploaded to the forum (text files in general are a malware risk).

Please contact us offline. If you tell the chatbot that Zwift is crashing and you’d like to send crash logs, you’ll get to a human agent more quickly. Please reference this discussion’s URL and issue GMPLAY-8207 when you reach one of my colleagues.

@AnnaPalazzo thank you for doing this exact thing yesterday - one of our engineers read through your crash log, but it appears to be from a session that didn’t crash. Now that you’ve had an email chat with our team, would you mind re-sending all the crash logs from yesterday?

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Just to chime in on this: I got the v1.47.2 update notification on my AppleTV two days ago when I believe it rolled out. I was warming up and getting ready to race an event so I deferred the update. I then came on here and read this thread yesterday and saw the comments re ATV crashing under 1.47.2 in Makuri Islands.

I’m in the middle of the 3-week Chasing Yellow race right now so it was all very bad news and, sure enough, when I fired my ATV up a couple hours before my race time the update deferral was no longer available, so I was going to be forced to do the update before the race.

The Chasing Tour races have four different timeslots each day, so since two of those timeslots had already taken place I polled the racers to ask if anybody on ATV had experienced these issues. None had, so I went ahead and did the update, then raced.

In short, a number of us raced in Makuri Islands, on the Wandering Flats course (which goes through Neokyo) yesterday, and I didn’t hear of anyone running into any issues on ATV with the v1.47.2 update as described in the OP. Seems like maybe there was some confusion in this thread between tvOS and iPadOS, or maybe users of the latter simply hijacked the conversation, but in any case that was my experience as well as others in the series, so maybe it’s been fixed since this thread was started, or maybe the issues were event and/or course dependent, or maybe we all just got lucky, dunno.

FYI my ATV 4K model is an A2169. The races were ~1.75 laps of Wandering Flats…45.0 km, with a duration of 1 hr & 5 min give or take for most.

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Electric Loop appears to be the problematic route, according to the reports above, not Wandering Flats.


I had a crash on Saturday 9/16 wandering flats route. I just follow group on ZCA mini map. This has been going on for a few months now, seems random, though others on same ride with ATV seem to drop at the same place and time.

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Is there any update on resolution? This has been going on since at least June. This morning ZZRC on Sprinters Whatever the screen freeze again on me.

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There were several who were freezing on Neon Flat this morning.

Given the higher CPU demands of the Makuri world on all platforms (since forever) I would not be surprised if some change earlier this year caused a slight increase in load that crossed a line with the Apple TV, perhaps when combined with the extra load involved in larger group events.

[Mass appearance of Zwift freezes since July 2023]

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This is the earlier post from the summer regarding this issue. i and others had it happen in Watopia not just Neokyo earlier.

Things were fairly stable for ATV and iPad until July/August updates. I suspect when they updated for Mac M1/M2 native support, they broke something on the other platforms.

I ran the latest ATV game update and ATV firmware update and was fine in Neokyo today myself. Will keep monitoring.

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I thought it was just a Makuri thing, but today the screen froze up in France as well. on appleTV. If I reinstall zwift each time I ride, the event does not occur, but if I stop the ride once and start over from the title page, it freezes at a high rate.

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Having the same issue, sadly. Hope i will be able to get it working again.

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Do you force quit the Zwift app after every ride? If not, do that.

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Agreed, that is a good day to day practice. Unfortunately it had no impact on my freezes when they occured, nor did rebooting the ATV.

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This has no impact on reducing screen freeze.

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I had issues with refresh rate anywhere from 5/second to every few seconds on both rides last night. Swift Hub and Apple TV. After I finished my first ride I restarted my Apple TV to try to fix the issue. Same thing continued to happen intermittently in the second ride.