Screen freezes in Neokyo on Apple TV

on Apple TV the screen keeps freezing at the exact same spot in NeoKyo on the Wandering Flats course.
During the whole NeoKyo city part the screen is very flashy, which at a certain point it freezes. Game works fine besides the screen freezing. Sounds is still working etc.

I have never had this issue on my Apple TV. Are you force-quittting the app after every use?

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FWIW, I had an ATV issue recently and had to do a factory reset of it - probably a corrupt file or something. Worked perfectly after that. Zwift itself hasn’t crashed for me on ATV in years, maybe ever.

As much as I hate to suggest that - the equivalent of “have you tried turning it off and on again?” - a full reset is worth a shot. Your data’s in cloud and it only takes a few minutes. Make sure the TV-OS is updated.



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Flashing Roads on Neokyo World is a thread I created a few weeks ago

I think is the same issue, I have also see the game lock once while screen flashes though I could follow ride on Companion App.

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