Freezing in Neokyo [Apple TV] [iOS] [1.47.2] [September 2023]

Had folks using tvOS freezing and needing restart on Makuri course last Sunday on 1.47.1, and others had visual/graphic anomalies, all occurring at the same point in the Neokyo section.

Today on 1.47.2 over half a dozen people all using ATV, either updated or not, we’re experiencing freezing and needing to restart and rejoin riding in Neokyo. I eventually switched to PC, which was fine throughout the course.

ATV has been fine on other Makuri courses and other worlds. Just seems to be an ATV issue in Neokyo since 1.47x updates. Anyone else?

Hey Rosco.

Please provide some further details:

What version of the AppleTV are your running? (model year or model number, RAM etc)

What version of tvOS?

Have you restarted the ATV lately?

Do you force close Zwift between rides? (hint: you have to on tvOS or it becomes unstable)

Are Video Screenshots enabled or disabled? (hint: disable them on tvOS - IME they add overhead which can cause issues)

Final troubleshooting: perform a “Reset and Update” of the AppleTV, starting from scratch. Reinstall Zwift, disable Video Screenshots, and try a ride on the problem route.

There was an update for tvOS issued yesterday (Tuesday), v 1.47.2. You might want to download that and try again.

Which point in Neokyo exactly? On which route?


Thank you for the report. We’re investigating.

If other Apple TV users experiencing this game freeze - please weigh in here so we can look into your server logs.

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ATV model A1842 64GB with tvOS 16.6.

I force close the Zwift app after every session, and hard reboot ATV after every app update to clear the cobwebs. Video screen shots are disabled.

The freezing just happened to me for the first time today in Neokyo after the 1.47.2 update. I was running 1.47.1 in Neokyo section of Wandering Flats last weekend and only had graphics anomalies in the section others were freeing in, however I had said freezing today on 1.47.2 on Electric Loop.

After freezing twice with no recovery, and having to rejoin, and booted up PC game version and rejoined without any further issues in the PC version of the game. Others freezing today on the course we’re all running ATV.


@R_osco_P_Coltrane if you’re friends with these folks via a Club or team - please ask them weigh in on this thread. We’d like to look at some more data points to diagnose what’s happening.

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@shooj I have linked to this post on Strava and @'d a couple others.

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Yes. I had to force close ZWIFT 6x this am. I also did update after first freeze. Then still froze 5 more times. I also turned off my iPad and turned it back on in an effort to see if that was it. Also my iPad is up to date as well. This afternoon ride seemed to be ok. No freeze.


Hi @AnnaPalazzo welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Looking at your server logs - I’m not seeing an Apple TV being used in recent few weeks - just an iPad6,7 is that correct? We were thinking this was an tvOS issue, but perhaps it affects iOS too?

Also - your 31 minute afternoon ride was on Makuri Islands / Wandering Flats route. Sounds like that one went smoothly. Out of curiosity - what world / route did you choose for the morning session that froze?

EDIT - @AnnaPalazzo since you’re on an iPad - the crash logs are accessible to you if the crash happened within 24 hours. Would you please contact my Support colleagues and email those crash logs on your iPad? Here’s how. That would help us see where the freeze happened on your iPad.

Note to Apple TV users - tvOS is very locked-down and and does not allow you to access system files like these logs. We’re a little more restricted in troubleshooting your device compared to iPad / iPhone.

Actually it is possible to recover logs from an Apple TV.

  1. Open General, then Privacy and Security, then Analytics & Improvements
  2. Tap Analytics Data.
  3. Locate the log for your app. The log name starts with <AppBinaryName>_<DateTime> for crash reports, or JetsamEvent_<DateTime> for high-memory use crashes.
  4. Select the desired log.
  5. Tap the Share icon, and select Mail to send the crash report as a mail attachment on an iPad, or use AirDrop on an Apple TV to send to an Apple computer.

There is a way to get the logs using Apple XCode too, but you have to really want those logs to use that I’d think.

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Hello Rosco and Zwift HQ,
I had same issue as Anna - am on iPad and screen froze. I rejoined the ride 6x but gave up at the end. I had updated the Zwift app last night.
I ended up doing a short ride with Coco in watopia instead and had no issues.


Hello @Louise_Deak thanks for joining us!

Since you’re on an iPad too - would you mind sending up the crash logs per the instructions I left for Anna two posts above yours? Thank you in advance!

You’re not wrong. It requires another Apple device with AirDrop enabled to retrieve the file before you email it. If any Apple TV users are willing and able, see the instructions at the bottom of this article.

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OK, that might be a clue. A1842 is a first-generation ATV4K (2017).

It would be interesting to see if it’s mostly or entirely early models experiencing issues. Thanks for posting the additional info.

I’ll try to remember to give the Electric Loop a ride on my ATV (2022) to see if it freezes.

It does require AirDrop. That’s somewhat disappointing. I’ve never tried it that way until now.

Sorry, just trying to help…

Interesting, there are quite a few ways to ‘pry open’ the Apple TV to get to logs.

Mine is an Apple TV HD, golden oldie…Yikes, might be time to get a new one. It just made the cut too for Zwift. Makuri Electric Loop?

I was able to retrieve GPU logs from the Zwift app off my Apple TV with the suggested process. How do you want me to get them to you @shooj ?

I also had 3 Zwift crashes on the same group ride yesterday. Using iPad on the most recent iOS and updated to the new version of Zwift prior to the ride. I rebooted the iPad between crash 1 and crash 2. The crashes were Zwift completely freezing and not coming back.

Hello Shuji,
Thanks for getting back to me. Believe it or not, I actually managed to download the files from my iPad! But I can not figure out how to email them to you? The link just takes me back to the Zwift. Com page… I don’t know how to share them from there.