Freehub/cassette stuck

I got my Cog and Click delivered today. I want to replace the standard 11 speed casette. I removed the axle adapter with the wrench. I cant remove the cassette and freehub. It feels like, they are glued to the axle.
The replacement video shows a easy replacement. How can i loosen the freehub?
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Hi there,
same problem right here. The gears and the freehub won’t go anywhere. Now I am stuck :frowning:

After some try and error and gentle force, i could loosen it. i used two wrenches. One as a lever and the other one as a counterpart. Both popped of then. But even after that, i need some force to change the freehub. Still waiting for an answer from zwift. Feels wrong, to use so much power to lift it.

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I have the same problem, I cannot remove the freehub. I have removed the cassette and the drive side adaptor, the freehub should just slide off, but it doesn’t budge. This is very frustrating!

Managed to remove the freehub using a very long flat edge screwdriver as a lever, having a long lever I only needed a small amount of force to move the hub. The axle was looking very rusty, cleaned it up, added a small amount of grease and popped the new Zwift Cog on. All looking good now, just need to try the new virtual gear changing!

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I kinda used a flathead screwdriver to pry , then kept turning it and pry …
came off