Freehub/cassette stuck

I got my Cog and Click delivered today. I want to replace the standard 11 speed casette. I removed the axle adapter with the wrench. I cant remove the cassette and freehub. It feels like, they are glued to the axle.
The replacement video shows a easy replacement. How can i loosen the freehub?
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Hi there,
same problem right here. The gears and the freehub won’t go anywhere. Now I am stuck :frowning:

After some try and error and gentle force, i could loosen it. i used two wrenches. One as a lever and the other one as a counterpart. Both popped of then. But even after that, i need some force to change the freehub. Still waiting for an answer from zwift. Feels wrong, to use so much power to lift it.

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I have the same problem, I cannot remove the freehub. I have removed the cassette and the drive side adaptor, the freehub should just slide off, but it doesn’t budge. This is very frustrating!

Managed to remove the freehub using a very long flat edge screwdriver as a lever, having a long lever I only needed a small amount of force to move the hub. The axle was looking very rusty, cleaned it up, added a small amount of grease and popped the new Zwift Cog on. All looking good now, just need to try the new virtual gear changing!

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I kinda used a flathead screwdriver to pry , then kept turning it and pry …
came off

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Can someone tell me where to insert screw driver to pry the freehub off… thanks

Just wanted to say thank you to you all for showing me how to get the freehub off. I had the exact same problem. It was so stuck i thought they had some kind of mad design of freehub i’d never seen before. Screwdrivers did the trick.
Very poor from zwift, it was so rusty on the axle.

It’s a while since I removed the freehub. If I remember rightly, I positioned the flat edge of the screwdriver at the back of the freehub. There was no obvious position to place the screwdriver, I just tried it (to the left of the leftmost red line in the photo).
With some gentle force, the freehub moved along the axle and came off.

Still no success here. Freehub seems to be glued on. Removed the adapter and cassette no problem. Even tried to apply force using a screwdriver to the point I was worried about breaking the trainer. I think I am gonna send in the whole trainer…

Thanks this really helped, took some patience but eventually got the freehub off.

I had same problem - I’ve removed freehub with cassette on it. It was easier to put tool for “resetting” disk breaks between trainer and cassette (it’s flat, stiff and has large surface so I wasn’t risking breaking or scratching my stuff). I’ve used it as lever from different sides and finally it let go.

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