Free Zwift Power and return it to the creators

Corp. Zwift became a recently shyster in regard to their strongarm over throw of Zwift Power. Zwift will want this to be as quite as possible so don’t be surprised if a mod deletes this but I’m add this to the top of the list of disappointments that Zwift has provided us.

Glen, James, if you all happen to read this, thank you for all of the support you gave us and what you did for the virtual racing community. I’m sorry that Zwift dicked you over.

Reporting leads us to believe that Zwiftpower would have collapsed long ago without Zwift financial support so what strong arm tactics are you referring to? I am genuinely curious. Are we talking about a hostile takeover in the corporate sense where the board is bypassed?

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Here is one of the tame responses:

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I’m not on Facebook because it sucks. Is there a way to get actual information about the claims of strong arm tactics and general negativity? As it stands, I wouldn’t trust Glen to wash my bike from my interaction with him and his since deleted posts.


ZwiftPower has been fantastic. It was necessary, and fundamental in bringing Zwift racing as far as it has come.

I’ve long argued that everything ZwiftPower provided should be part of the Zwift platform. In that sense, I think this is a good thing, and the right move.

My only reservation is that it seems to have happened in a disruptive way. I’ve also had my differences with Glen, but I’ve known (virtually) James for more than 20 years. This isn’t the first game he’s lent his talents towards improving, so it does leave a bit of a sour taste. However, I realise that’s pure speculation and inference, and could be way off the mark. Their silence could also be one of legal necessity.

On the assumption it’s an amicable move, I guess we should therefore assume the best of motives and intentions for the ongoing development of the ZwiftPower platform, or equivalent tools built into (personally, I don’t think trying to do it all in the Companion will be up to it).

At the very least it should remove some of the hurdles; people can be automatically registered with the racing platform. There’s no “are you on ZwiftPower”, and there should be none of this frankly ridiculous “go to ZwiftPower for the real results” (where half the field have been ignored).

Overall I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic, and I have to believe they haven’t done this with the intention to kill Zwift racing.