Free period elapsed too quickly?

I have been using Zwift since late 2014 and also have the Strava Premium integration.

I may be wrong on this but can’t find the paper trail. It seems to me that the 60 days membership I should be getting finished quicker than the 60 days promised. For example, my recollection was that this was started in early December. However, my free period just expired yesterday. Was the start of this period really early November?

I had a sense that I “lost” a few days a while back but never checked it out. However, what reminded me is that I think I dropped from 3 days left to expired in a 24 hour period.



Hi Mark,

Your initial 50km / 14 day free trial expired on November 7th. Your Strava Premium bonus began on the 8th of November, so this looks to be just about right.

I also saw that the developer I sent your other ticket to has not yet responded (it’s currently not assigned to me so I did not see its status) so I am going to go poke him about it right now.