Free idea: Olfactory Mode

Here is a free idea for Zwift HQ.

Next time you upgrade Hub, build in an Olfactory Mode, so we can get a whiff of all that peloton sweat, grassland perfume and beach breeze while we ride.

This seems like a no-brainer. So do the Zwift-branded sprinklers you can install in your pain cave for when it rains in the game.

What other inane features would you like if you weren’t limited to what can or should actually be built?

I can’t see any problems having sprinklers around a lot of electrical equipment, none at all.

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With the Zwift-branded fire extinguisher, clean-up is easy! Connect it via BT to gamify the action and boost your XP as you put out that electrical fire! :sweat_smile:

is there also a zwift branded ambulance ready to pick me up?! haha