Zwift world exploration experience

I absolutely love zwift, and what it has done for the better for my life. Thank you, all Zwift developers and team.

I have an idea that may just take Zwift to the absolute next level. If the developers could figure out a way to make every Zwift world fully explorable with the use of Zwift steering, I feel this would be totally epic, and would definitely entice many Zwift enthusiasts to purchase the steering device.

I’m talking about FULLY explorable. For example, I’m riding sand and sequoias, and boom, I bang a right onto the sand, then BOOM, there’s a sand dune cliff, and it’s a monster sand dune climb! Then BOOM, I’m descending down the sand dune, with sand dust spraying out of my wheels like ferry dust, and then BOOM, I decide to get back on pavement.

Is this just a dream of mine? Is it possible? What do you all think? What do you day, Zwift team??


Yes it is


Every diversion you might want to take would require a roadway programmed. While it could be invisible to you, it would be needed. If you wanted to see sand flying every clump would have to be tracked.The Zwift exe would be huge, probably too large to load on a home computer and attempting to download the many variables in real time would overwhelm your connection speed. Hundreds more programmers would be needed and the subscription price would skyrocket. … nope, tain’t gonna happen. :rofl::wink:

… nice dream though. Maybe when Quantum computers become a reality for all :bangbang:

Sand flying from the tires would favor heavy riders.
Why do lighter riders always get sand kicked in our faces by the big guys?:blush:

Hi Rohit,
Zwift is using a custom software engine for development. I don’t know the details myself but it is clear that this engine is quite limited and it does not allow for the creation of open worlds or even open levels as you see in many videogames.
Your idea is great but it would require the team to either make an enormous investment in their own engine or rebuild Zwift in for example the Unreal or Unity engine, which is also an enormous effort.

I believe that actually the biggest threat looming for Zwift is that someday some competitor will start using such technology, because that opens up a host of possibilities that Zwift does not have available and is not likely or even able to build for themselves. (Don’t know what MyWoosh is being built in tbh).

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I believe MyWhoosh is on Unreal

I recently emailed MyWhoosh and said they were missing a huge opportunity not including running in their program :frowning:

I received a reply the next day ,here it is.

"We have running coming in the next big update


MyWhoosh Support"

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Oh boy. I really hope Zwift has a good plan for advancement. I really want to see Zwift win.

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I hope so too, I’m new here but kind of loyal to ZWIFT already.

That being said, all ya need is one biking/running company to hook up with the gaming world and things will change quickly . The gaming world has engines that no one can compete with, so hopefully ZWIFT wakes up before it’s too late.

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They probably know best what their situation is and what options they have. For now, they are in the lead and there’s still time. Hardware appears to be at least part of the solution Zwift has come up with.

i dont think i want to be exploring that until someone clears out most of the IEDs first