France route selection not working

There’s a bug in the Ven-Top route preview in-game - part of the route is missing from it. This is the full route:

The bug only affects the preview AFAIK.

Yes, I had no trouble riding the whole route on Saturday (well… “no trouble” is maybe a bit strong), but there is clearly a glitch with the preview, and Chris (see a handful of posts above) is having more than this particular preview glitch. Did he ride the entire route, but for some reason the display shows his spawn point as the top of the Petit KOM? Did he not ride the entire route? NB - his activity feed shows more than the screenshot he posted above.

I checked Strava to see whether people were still spawning to the correct start point for that ride generally this week/month and certainly heaps of people are. Obviously cant tell whether it is everyone. I also checked for anyone that had completed the Ventop decent segment to see whether they started Ventop where Chris did, or at the correct spawning point - couldnt find anyone that had spawned where Chris did. Not conclusive, but no evidence it is normal either.


There’s a line in your log file that indicates a manual turn off the route was made.
[5:51:22] Manual Selection Branch - Direction RIGHT at Marker 260000 on Road 26

As far as others seeing this issue - please send in your log files from the affected sessions so we can see what happened to you, & then try to reproduce it.


I have no recollection of making any turn and I would have avoided doing so as I was trying for the badge but the log file can’t lie…

Thanks for addressing this topic. I was looking for the information regarding the same!


Logs are not synced across devices.Log files for a given session are only stored on the device you used for that specific session.

Shooj, if you’re listening… I’m not trying to belabor the point here, but maybe just maybe we’re uncovering something we didn’t know about before? As I said, I never use my phone for rides (we use an ATV4k exclusively), but nevertheless I appear to have log (and fit) files on my phone for the current week (? As of right now on the 20th, they go back to Sunday the 16th). I.e. it appears that my iPhone is capturing the log files from the ATV. I’ve never sent log files via email, so I don’t know if pic#3 shows a legitimate log file ready to be sent or not.

Can you confirm?

Edit - It hurts to see just how dumb I am :joy: These aren’t log files from the ATV; they’re log files from my phone, which (it’s true) I never use for rides, but I do fire up Zwift periodically in order to look at route badges, etc. Good grief. I hope at least that someone gets a good laugh out of this, so that it hasn’t been a complete waste of time. I’ll go back to licking wet paint now.



Guys - exactly the same happened this morning - started going up and ran out of time to restart before I realised where I’d got to so went 800m up and came back down - presumably someone’s actually done the Doucle France route ?

Looking at your ride the start position (spawn point) does not look right. Did you do a meetup?

O yes worked first time.

I’ve done all of the New Caledonia routes that award a completion badge, with no issues. This is on Windows 10. What platform are you using?

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Every time I start any chosen route on the France world, it will start me in the same place and send me up Ven. I have ridden Ven a couple of times along with choosing a couple of the other routes. Every time it starts me out further up. I’ve climbed Ven 2x and have not gotten credit for either as it is the wrong start point. I have done RGV and RMP, but had to head back downhill to start, to the loops, then actually got credit for them.

@Kelly_Jorschumb what device do you use to run Zwift?

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I use a Macbook

Are you @Kelly_Jorschumb using the latest version of Zwift.

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After having this issue I uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift on my AppleTV, also did the same for the companion app on my iPad. It seems to be working correctly now. Rode the Douce France route this morning without issue.


How would one know if it is the latest version?


What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

Thanks for the update and quick reply!