FPS drops to single digits after turn prompt is displayed

Today I had a 120 minute workout on Zwift. I picked my workout, and selected the RGV route in France.

I completed my set of intervals from the workout about 60 minutes in, and wanted to do a second superset, so I reloaded the workout, and jumped straight to the intervals.

It was going well until about 80 minutes in, when a turn prompt showed up on screen, and my FPS suddenly dropped into the single digits. The strobing effect of such low FPS was so severe I had to minimize the window because I was becoming nauseated. This continued for a couple of minutes until another turn prompt was displayed, when suddenly the FPS jumped back to normal, and remained that way for the remainder of my workout.

I’m running Zwift on a high-end gaming PC, so this kind of FPS is extremely unexpected.

Here’s a screenshot from Zwiftalizer with relevent details, and where you can clearly see the FPS drop 2/3 of the way in:

You can view the full log on zwiftalyzer with this ID (Sorry, can’t post URL links here): b25f91dd-389b-44af-8a74-23c05ff426ac

Zwift running on Windows 11, version info is in screenshot

I just wanted to say, the log summary can be viewed on zwiftalizer but never the full log file. Is it possible a background process, like a system update download or virus scan, bogged down the PC?

You’re correct re: log summary. My bad!

Regarding updates, virus scan, the answer is no. Nothing was happening on the PC other than Zwift. And even if it was, this PC is more than capable of running it all without affecting Zwift in the slightest. Per the Zwift log, FPS was locked at 7FPS during the affected period, which is highly suspicious. And the fact that it started/ended at precisely the moment that turn directions popped on screen is also suspicious.

Hi @Matthew_Durand_SDBC

How do you know this for certain? What logging tools did you use to verify that nothing else was happening on your PC other than Zwift? Have you had a look at your Windows event viewer logs to see if anything else was going on?

If you want to send the EVTX log files to our tech support team, we’re happy to take a look. You can find more information about how to send them to us by referencing this article.

Since you wrote in almost 24 hours ago about this issue, I’d suggest you send us the 7-day EVTX log file so we’re sure to have all the pertinent data.

Our team is also going to want to know if this is something that can be consistently reproduced, so if you can provide us with as much detail as possible about what route segment you were on and what exact part of the workout you were on, this will be helpful.

That part of what you said is also a potential clue. What turn directions popped? Do you have screenshots or video exhibiting this?

You can reach out to the support team here.

I have had this a couple of times too, only on the France map and both times in the same place - it was the turn at the end of the balloon field going towards the spawning point - happened in he lead up to the corner but then corrected itself after it.

Hasn’t happened for a while for me though.


After carefully examining timestamps, the slowdown happened during the very last sector of RGV on the end of my second lap. It began on the tail end of the twisty bit coming out of the fields, and finished just as I went under the bridge to turn right onto the Mariana Sprint Reverse segment.

To answer your question, yes I examined the Windows Event Logs and there are no events anywhere during or near the timestamps in question, in any of the event logs (Application, Security, Setup, System).

I don’t have screenshots unfortunately, and it’s probably going to be a while before I’m up for attempting that particular workout again. But I will submit my information to the support team as you asked.

Just want to point you to @Dave_ZPCMR’s various posts about game performance recently and how much worse it has gotten. I hope you are considering his expertise and thorough evaluation of game performance.


Beat me to it. Doesn’t explain the section at 7fps but even so, the average on that log file is terrible for a 3070 on 1440p. Should be easily over 100fps. And the load time is too long. CPU is bogging it down massively.

Then again it’s only an i7-10700KF. :upside_down_face:

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By “the twisty bit” do you mean the Balloon fields?

If so this is exactly where it happened to me, hasn’t happened for a while though/

I think this is unrelated - It was a few months ago when this happened top me so not sure it has anything to do with the last two updates (assuming it is the same issue)

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Hi @Matthew_Durand_SDBC

Thanks for getting back to me with that info!

Also, @Mike_Rowe1

I’ve reached out to a higher technical authority here on the Zwift team to see about the excessive CPU usage since the 1.23 game update and perhaps the resulting FPS drops. It could be that it’s all part of the same issue, but I’m not quite sure as yet. I’ll update you all here once I have more information. Thanks!


Thanks, lots more reports of systems crashing now too, most likely related to increase cpu strain.

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Hallelujah :wink: