Force ride to quit

Today I performed a training ride, finished it, ended it, and uploaded it to Zwift, Strava, and Garmin. But for some reason Zwift didn’t register the ride as finished and it kept on going. What can one do to force a ride to quit? I removed the ride and the ‘in progress’ fit file from my Documents Zwift folder and it still shows up in the companion app as an ongoing ride!

Make sure you have completely shutdown, exited, force quit the Zwift app. Then make sure you do the same for the Zwift Companion app. You should do this after each ride/session.

See if that solves your problem. If not, it might be worth opening a support ticket.

Just like always the app on the laptop shut down automatically and I force-quit the companion app on the phone. That didn’t do the trick.

How do I open a support ticket?