Football shirts made into zwift jerseys

Raised this idea on Twitter with getting Leeds United shirts made into jerseys on zwift. Advised to post on here.

Can be any football shirts to be honest, the more the merrier :crossed_fingers: so us football fans can support our teams on zwift too. Could have a purchase option to get all premier league teams kits or each team individually. Including retro kits too if that was a possibility.

I don’t wish to be rude but there’s not a chance of this happening for a myriad of reasons, primarily licencing.


Perhaps if a Club approached Zwift with a view to sponsoring an event, then their shirt could be given to those Zwifters who completed the event.

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I’m not saying it would be easy to get licensing over the line, but as with anything, It could only take one club to take a chance on this.

Maybe if someone bought a shirt from their club store and got a download code to get the kit on zwift? Zwift could get a small percentage of the sale of the shirt from the use of the codes in game so it could be a bit of a win win. Even if there was an extra few quid added to the shirt price I think that would be brilliant. Retro jerseys might be easier to get licensing over the line with at the least…

I get that it would be difficult to overcome all the obstacles with this, but surely someone within zwift would be willing to try to overcome these? Plus it would make a change from clubs being associated with gambling companies to that of a fitness platform!