Foot pod and recording of routes

I recently bought the Zwift foot pod, linked it with Zwift doing the treadmill calibration, then set off running on the treadmill.
I have done two routes and both times it has uploaded to Strava, Training Peaks, and Garmin Connect and shows within the ‘Activities’ section of my companion app, but does not show on Zwift app itself as completed, there is no tick, its very frustrating all over a little tick!! I know first world problems but does anyone have any ideas?

Short answer, the route selection (when running) will offer cycling routes as well as running routes, but the cycling routes won’t award a route badge when completed in a run.

Https:// offers a full breakdown of available running routes (though only watopia and new York have earnable route badges if I remember correctly)

By the way: if you really want accurate data, your best option:

  1. Return the pod. It’s ok for high level data, but highly inaccurate by default which can’t be fixed by calibration.
  2. Buy a Runn sensor and calibrate it to your treadmill…

Why would you buy a well engineered and calibrated Runn and then feel it necessary to calibrate it to what may be a poorly calibrated treadmill ?

Edit: I’m referring to the need to calibrate speed as opposed to incline.

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