Fondo Workout - Free Ride?

The first half of the workout (Fondo We1 Wo1 - Welcome) was great, and the free ride segment felt like like ERG had been turned off. When I started getting to the 95% and 110% FTP, the free ride segment following didn’t feel like a relief at all, and I felt like I had to push just as hard. Shifting gears offered no help either. It felt like ERG mode was still on, but I thought the point of the free ride was that ERG was turned off?


Using a Wahoo Kickr Snap - not sure if that is relevant.

Without more details, I can’t say for sure, but there’s an issue where your wattage can get stuck that may match what you were feeling. If you felt like you were at the same wattage from the previous interval, this could be what happened.

There’s a workaround for this, so if it happens again, try that first. If you’re still having issues after that, let us know!

Thanks Jason!

I ran into the issue again today, but not during a free ride. I was riding at 220W, and then the workout moved to 180W, but I felt that it was still at the higher wattage. This hadn’t happened during the same transition earlier in the workout. I was having to push so hard, the tire started slipping on the trainer. I tried the workaround, and while it released me from the high wattage, it also disabled ERG mode for the rest of the workout.

This happened to me yesterday