Fondo prices

In the official rules:


During the Promotion Period, eligible individuals who are Zwift members, must complete three (3) of the five (5) Events as part of the Canyon Europe Fondo Series to earn one (1) entry into the Promotion. For more info on the Canyon Europe Fondo Series go to Additional information about how to join Zwift, go to Standard data/usage rates from your online/phone service provider may apply. You may also enter via mail, by hand printing your name, complete address, zip/postal code, country, daytime phone number and date of birth on a plain 3"X 5" card. Mail your entry in a hand addressed envelope with sufficient postage affixed (to mail to the U.S.) to: Zwift Fondo Series Europe Promotion, c/o Zwift, Inc., P.O. Box 2753, Long Beach, CA 90801 USA. All mail-in Promotion entries must be handwritten and mail-in entries must be postmarked by March 18, 2018 and received by March 26, 2018 to be eligible. Mechanically reproduced/photocopied mailed entries are automatically void. Limit one (1) entry per person, regardless of method of entry. Entries received in excess of the limitation will be void.

I wonder: is this about entering Zwift, the Fondo or the drawing? If it is the first 2: I don’t understand the deadline (too late to do any of the races)  If it is the latter: limit is 1 total or 1 for the mail?? (and thus 2 total, when having ridden min. 3 races.

I’m curious. And puzzled…is it my english? Or is it confusing info?




I’m pretty sure it’s for the drawing.  It also says, " Limit one entry per person regardless…"

You probably just got off a hard ride…lol.


Ride On!..

nope, I read it a couple of times. I’m not English speaking. Can one ‘enter’ Zwift? Join seems better. Enter (for) an event?
So you think it’s for the drawing? By sending mail? Isn’t this strange?  Mail? Like an envelope?  But at least as strange is it that ‘normal people’ (no cyclists :-)  can take part. What should they do with a bike, a helmet etc???

OK, will ride now,

Hey @raul,

You’re not going crazy, T&C’s can confuse the best of us. :) I’ll help break it down for you. 

This is about entering the Canyon Fondo series to be eligible to win the Grand Prize.

The deadline refers to the mail-in entry format. (Series finishes March 30)

Any Zwifter, who completes 3/5 of the Canyon Europe Fondo Series, will earn 1 entry into the sweepstakes (drawing). 

If you’ve ridden 3 events you’ve done all you need to be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize, ensuring you meet region-specific requirements. This will gain you 1 entry.

For legal reasons as a sweepstake, we have to offer a physical mail-in entry. 

No matter what entry method you choose, we limit one entry per person (into the drawing) regardless. For example, if you ride 3 events and send in 5 mail-in entries, you will be limited to (1) one entry. 1 entry into the sweepstakes.

Hope that helps.

Ride On!


hahahaha. It’s legislation. That explains. Also the method.
I did already win a helmet (can’t wait for it to arrive :-)  now aiming at the bike…   Tks Matt!!