Zwift Fondo Series - entering promotion

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I was wondering if I will be eligible for winning the Canyon Endurace with the Fondo promotion. I’m European and European based. But because of other obligations, I can’t participate in the European Fondo on Sunday at 9am. If I participate as a European in the Asian or North-American Fondo, does this count to my three Fondo participations? If yes, do I need to do all three Fondo’s in that same region or does (for example) 1 North-American and 2 European also count?


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Hi Maxim

As I understand it, the only variable is the time schedule. The European version is timed for best participation in Europe the same is true for North America.

Basically you enter any of the Fondo rides as a Zwift competitor and complete the designated 3 events.

Ride On!

Thanks for the reply Paul. I’m not sure though.

If you read this:

It looks like the NA Promotion and the Europe Promotion are completely separated…


Clearly, from your link, the promotions are separate events Maxim.

I stand corrected on his.

I’m not sure why it would be run this way, maybe someone else could offer some info or explanations.