Zwift Fondo Series [2023]

Have questions about the Zwift Fondo Series? You’re in the right place.

What is the Zwift Fondo Series?
The Zwift Fondo Series is an annual rider favorite of the Zwift community and continues into its seventh season. These mass-start events are designed to ride at your own pace, with three different distances. This year, each month will have a different theme with three distances that have names to match!

The three distances offered each month will follow the traditional lengths of the Bambino, Medio, and Gran Fondos:

  • Bambino (roughly 50 km)
  • Medio (roughly 70 km)
  • Gran (roughly 90 km)

See below for details on monthly themes, distance names, and distances.

Some riders will choose to race these events and some will take their rides at a more leisurely pace. The option is yours! There will also be three new kits to unlock this year, one for each month, regardless of the distance you complete.

How do I sign up for the Zwift Fondo Series?
Visit The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App to sign up!

When does the Zwift Fondo Series start and finish?
The Zwift Fondo weekends will take place the last weekend of each month, starting November 30, 2023, and ending in January 2024:

  • November 30, 2023 - December 3, 2023
  • December 29, 2023 - December 31, 2023
  • January 26, 2024 - January 28, 2024

Scheduled events can be found here.

What if I miss an event?
No worries, every month there are three days to participate (except November, which will be four days). If you aren’t able to join, be sure to plan ahead for the next month’s fondo events.

What are the monthly themes and distances that comprise the Zwift Fondo Series?
There will be three different routes / distances per month for each Fondo:

November: Feast Fondos

  • Feast (46.9 km)
  • Savory (63.1km)
  • Gourmet (91.25 km)

December: Holiday Fondos

  • Festive (51.1 km)
  • Spark (69.9 km)
  • Jolly (94.2 km)

January: New Year’s Fondos

  • Elevate (54.1 km)
  • Rise (72.7 km)
  • Triumph (97.7 km)

Events will be scheduled every 3 hours during the fondo weekends.

How do I find Fondo events in Zwift Companion?
To find the Fondo events in Zwift Companion, you will want to filter by Group Rides.

Can I do a stage more than once?

Will Zwift Fondo events appear in Zwift Power?
Yes, however, there is no General Classification.

How do I know which challenge to choose?
Unlike other Zwift events, the A, B, and C groups don’t refer to rider strength or fitness. Instead, they correspond to route and distance options.

  • A Group // Gourmet, Jolly, & Triumph Fondos = The most epic challenges and ones to check off the bucket list!
    • Gran equivalent (roughly 90 km)
  • B Group // Savory, Spark, & Rise Fondos = Find a good pace and push to the finish, or find a group with similar goals and work together to complete the distance.
    • Medio equivalent (roughly 70 km)
  • C Group // Feast, Festive, & Elevate Fondos = Great for the first-time fondo rider or for a shorter challenge.
    • Bambino equivalent (roughly 50 km)

What do I get for completing the Zwift Fondo Series?
There is a kit unlock for each month’s Fondo theme. Complete any of the three fondo distances each month to unlock all three kits. There will only be one kit per month, regardless of the distance you choose.

These kits are great! How can I purchase one?
Unfortunately, these kits are not available IRL.

I’m not seeing an earned unlock for the Zwift Fondo Series. Where is my unlock?
Unlocks during the Zwift Fondo Series require you to log out and back into Zwift. If you completed the ride and can’t find your unlock, please reach out to us.

How do I opt-in to make sure I don’t miss any emails?
Just update your email preferences. Check out our article for more info.

What can I do if one or more of my events hasn’t been saved or the kit hasn’t been unlocked after completing the stage?
There are a handful of possible technical reasons your activity didn’t count. They include game crashes, logging in on multiple devices, working out after finishing a stage, or not completing the final lap. The best way to ensure your activity counts is to save and exit the game after completing the stage. If you run into any issues, please reach out to us—we’re here to help!

What can I do if I need help getting started?
Our Support Hub has everything you need to get ready. For basic info on getting started, check out this article. If you’re looking for more helpful tips on getting ready for event day, check out this article.

Will there be any fondos in February or March, like last year?
Also, any new Fondo routes coming out? :smiley:

Will the sign ups be available before the 30th? I’m still seeing “We didn’t find any events…” in the app.

I’m not 100% sure where you are looking but if you are on they are there now and people have signed up. Link in top post works:

Scheduled events can be found here .

If you are looking on ZCA they are also there but they don’t show under the Fondo filter only the Group Ride filter.

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It was the filter being broken that confused me. I managed to workmy way through manually.

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Any idea what the best frame and wheel set combos are for each of the fondos?

November/France definitely aero setup.
December possibly more all-rounder, tron or Scott Addict w/Enve7.8s (flater) or DT Swiss 62s (climbier)
January probably same as December.

For overall time, this app will analyze the Zwift Insider data and tell you the answer:

There can be reasons to deviate from the advice, such as needing more help on climbs or flats that might push you toward a lighter or more aero bike in order to stay with a group.

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So I did the fondo today, and I’m wondering why the distance for the longest one isn’t set at 100km. A set of folks in our bunch decided to keep going to finish a metric century, but the distances seem to be randomly close but not quite a century. The finish point is at an arbitrary point in the ride so … why not make it an even number. I checked and it’s not an even number in miles either.


We should have access to the TT bikes for these rides. I got stuck in no man’s land for a 30 mile solo TT in a sparsely attended ride this evening. Tried to swap 3 times and it kept giving me the Zwift Carbon road bike even though the selection screen seemed to allow me to select the TT. I get that it is a horrible choice for these events…until it isn’t.

Hi All, Really enjoyable event. Is there a way to see event segment leaderboards I can only see my own time.

If you are not signed up to ZwiftPower consider doing so and you will be able to see route times and segment times.

Connecting to ZwiftPower.

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Thanks I had a look on there but couldn’t see the event specific leaderboard just the general one. Probably missing something obvious but not seeing it.

I’m not quite sure what you are looking to find.

If you are looking to find quickest rider to complete a route across all of the different event times I don’t think that exists. As the Fondo is not a race I don’t believe there is an overall leaderboard.

ZwiftPower appears to only give details of each individual time slot ride times and segments within the ride.


It would be nice to include some robo-pacers on these fondo events. Packs typically don’t form up especially betweem 1.0 - 2.2 W/Kg

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