Competition Requirements Clarity

I’ve been really impressed with the quality of events and prizes for competitions on Zwift. I have however been left a bit frustrated by apparent variations in rules.

My understanding of the Canyon fondo series was that I needed to complete 3 of 5 and I’d be in the draw. Yesterday I went to see who won and reading the rules again it suggests we also needed to mail in an entry for the draw.

With the Kickr challenge on Strava we have to enter on strava, complete the game challenge, and then also submit an entry form (which is automated enough).

Most kit challenges appear to have been just complete the event and be entered (though I could be wrong).

(Here is the feature request) Yes I’m too lazy to read the rules each time but it would be great if Zwift could standardize their prize event design OR create some kind of flag for those that require additional steps.

Hi Matt,

I’m sorry the rules have caused frustration and not as clear as they could be. 

Firstly, If you did 3/5 events, you were entered into the draw. No need for a mail-in entry.

For legal reasons, we have to include the option to enter into the competition via Mail-in entry. This is an alternative point of entry and not a requirement  for any of our events. As long as you do the rides required you’re eligible.

Our prize format is fairly standardized, dependant on the event. It will always be complete X amount of events to be eligible. Some may be region specific. Some may be harder than others to complete. But NO events require ride completion plus an additional mail-in entry.

We’ll bare this clarity in mind for future events so thanks for your feedback. It’s feedback like this that helps us to be better :slight_smile:

Thanks Matt, Ride On!

Thank you for the clarification.