Fondo jersey



Not a big deal but…completed the Maratona dles Dolomites yesterday and unlocked the fondo kit. But the kit is no where to be found in my collection.







Same on the Dolomites as well as missing the PRL (Prudential Ride London) from Dec 27th Zwiftmas event.

Unless these event-specific jerseys are supposed to be found somewhere besides the user customization screen? (I’m aware of needing to drag the mouse to scroll through the selections, both left-to-right and up-down).

Same here, completed the Maratona, how do you unlock the kit???

Same here - same issue as Christine - both the Maratona dles Dolomites and the PRL kit are no where to be found.


I discovered this morning (with a bit more exploring) that the new kits have actually been unlocked. They were just hidden from my laptop screen view. I just scrolled the available jersey/kits much further to the right! There were some greyed out/locked boxes to the right of the kit I thought I had unlocked. Just need to scroll further to the right until you find them!  At least this worked for me.

Thanks so much Kent…that worked

Thanks for the tip! I did scroll to the right but I didn’t scroll past all the “locks” - the jerseys are there.

thanks for the help