Maratona Fondo Jersey 2

I completed the Maratona Dolomites Fondo both last year and this year, so I earned both the Grey version last year and the Red verison this year. In my “wardrobe” I only have the new Red version, and it did actually show up a few days before this years race.

I did like the old grey one, and I did earn it, so I was wondering if I could have it back?


I completed the Maratona Dollmites Fondo this year and upon completion my screen indicated that I had unlocked the new Maratona kit - Red jersey etc.  Now I go into my custom kit settings and the jersey/kit is not there.  How does one go about getting access to this?


I discovered this morning (with a bit more exploring) that the new kits have actually been unlocked. They were just hidden from my laptop screen view. I just scrolled the available jersey/kits mucy further to the right! There were some greyed out/locked boxes to the right of the kit I thought I had unlocked. Just need to scroll further to the right until you find them!  At least this worked for me.