Following private users with childrens' accounts

I always request to follow some users whose profile is private but many a times this has happened they don’t approve my request or any technical error from zwift
Pls support n tell if u face such errors!

Hi @Dikshita_Arora_12_Yr

Your account’s privacy settings are intentionally more restricted because you’re a minor. Zwift complies with COPPA laws in the US and GDPR in the European Union that protect the online privacy of young peoples’ accounts. This is something that we can lift once you’ve reached 16 years of age.

Ohk, but I don’t have a problem being a private users I meant, There are other private users, whom I want to follow so I don’t know if they are not approving my follow requests or declining them or some problem from zwift

I’m guessing that the primary reason these people have their profile set to private is because they want to limit the people who follow them. So, unless it’s someone you know, I’d guess these people just don’t want to add you as a follower.

Oh ohk, Thanks
But it there choice so I can’t do anything