Underage minor's follow requests on Zwift

Hi All,
Is anyone else a little spooked at underage follow requests on Zwift?
In this new age of social responsibility is it really ethically or morally correct to allow Under 18 yo children to request follows on Zwift?

I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with kids following people on Zwift. I have my account set up to allow anyone to follow me without consent so it is possible that some younger people are following me. There is a private messaging function in Zwift but you don’t have to be following someone for it to work as far as I know. Otherwise all communication is essentially public and Zwift employees can see all private communication anyway if there was ever any question of something shady going on. You also can’t be sure if someone actually is a kid either. Just don’t follow back those people that freak you out I guess, or carry on conversations with people who may be, or claim to be kids that you don’t know.

Long and short of it is, don’t worry about it unless you have evidence of something bad happening. Sometimes young people are just looking for nothing more than inspiration and encouragement in athletics.