Added my son to my account but can't see his history

My 13 year old can now ride on my trainer and he enjoys Zwift. I can’t figure out how to see his ride on the companion app or when I login. I can’t find his history any where.
I have added his successfully and his name shows up when he rides. I can’t find his history anywhere.
Thank you for your help.

I think it’s because juvenile accounts are set to private by default.

Stuart is correct. The account itself and the activities are private, so only your child can see his rides.

That’s not true. My daughter has a kids account, I follow her and she follows me and I can see her rides in the companion app. You probably need to make sure you both follow each other.

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This shouldn’t be the case unless she is setting her rides as public when in the saving screen. That is the only workaround to this extra layer of security Zwift recently added.

I’m 99% sure she’s not doing that. After she’s done she just shuts everything down. I’m pretty sure when we set up the account (I think over 2 years ago now) I made sure we were following each other and that was it.

I think it’s been like this for a while, I’ve certainly seen when she’s been riding since I’ve always given her ride ons, but she is over 16 now although the kids account is still working, I guess I’ll have to start paying when the year runs out.

That explains it. She is over 16 so now her activities are not restricted to private. The original post is talking about U16 riders.

Thank you. I have requested to follow him. Do I need to get into his device and get him to accept my request? We use Zwift from the same IOS device.

I think he has to accept your follow request from the companion app (with your kid signed into the companion app). I don’t know if there is anywhere to do this from the Zwift app or the web site.

I’ve got two kids who started riding on Zwift last year. I follow them, they follow me. Initially I could see their Activities but then Zwift changed something and I can no longer see any of their Activities from my account.

The last Activity I can see is from the end of January 2023.

Adding them won’t allow you to see their activities since they are U16. Only way to see their activities is if they set their activities as public when in the save ride screen.