Follow versus following you

I miss a checkmark to indicate whether those you follow are also following you

Getting the popcorn and settling down to watch the fun and games this topic will bring. :wink:

I guess you want to unfollow those who aren’t following you?

On strava it’s relatively easy, copy the lists from the webpage into a spreadsheet and it’s fast to compare if you want to catch those unfollowers. :rofl:

People have asked Zwift to implement some basic follower management features. They’ve basically not responded or found some excuse for a particular feature can’t be implemented (e.g. allowing you to sort your follower list by gender, age, location, etc will violate their right to privacy).

I am not exactly pleased. Admittedly there isn’t necessarily a huge point to having followers. I just maintain a follower list to give out ride ons, really. I bet some of them probably do the same for me. It’s cool. But otherwise, maybe the unofficial solution is just ignore your list, seeing as they aren’t able/willing to help you do anything to manage it.

That didn’t take long Chris

I would like Zwift to give me the ability to send my latest manifesto to all of my followers.

But then sometimes I don’t think I’m using the word ‘follower’ the way other people are.

I only follow a fairly small number of people - for ride ons with time zone differences it’s too difficult to catch them at the right time to do that.

If I’m online and they are on Zwift I’ll give them a ride on though.