Full followers and/or followees list


I’ve started looking in to programming an utility that crosschecks if people I’m following is following me ( or the other way )…

But it seems that the “following” and “followers” tabs on my.zwift.com stops loading more profiles when hitting the “Show more zwifters” button when it hits 100 entries.

Is there another place ( not the ZCA ) where I can get the full list ?

Also there are a few API projects on Github and they also seems to only pull the first 100 entries.


That’s a good idea. I’ve wondered that myself. It was easy at first to cross reference, but once I got over a certain number of followers, it was no longer realistic to check everyone. I did see where people would follow me, then I’d follow back, then they’d unfollow quickly after. :man_shrugging:. No sense in following someone if they aren’t going to follow back (not counting the pros and others I want to follow for the fun of it, from whom I would never expect a follow back). Good luck on your programming! Ride On :+1:t3:

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Hi Sean

You pretty much listed all my thoughts on the followers/following topic :+1:

I’m just a “hobby programmer”, but if the my.zwift.com list could include the full list it doesn’t seems to be a huge job to do some cross checking.

Any inputs and/or good ideas are highly welcome :slightly_smiling_face: