FOCUS: Colours of PARI / Stage Lilac - Focus Team (A)

Hello. Just completed above group ride and is supposed to have unlocked this multicolour frame paint job once completed. I even bought the Izalco frame in the shop. How do I choose this paint job? Cheers and thanks

I have the same issue, and don’t appear to have either in the garage.

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I completed this ride this morning and at the end of the ride the bike showed up in my garage. The skin is also available as a colour choice in my garage for this bike (when I go to my garage and select the bike, I have the option to either change the colour via the slider, or just click on the little square on the left beside the colour slider to choose the skin).

This is taken from the ride description:

When you complete any stage of the tour, you’ll unlock the Izalco Max Pari Skin and bike

Unfortunately, you didn’t need to buy the bike beforehand as it was a free unlock for finishing the ride, but the skin should be there. Did you try logging out, then logging back in to check if it showed up? Sometimes unlocks show up the next time you log back into Zwift.

Are you zwifting on a Mac/PC?

Same problem here. After the end of the event, I took a look into the garage and the frame was there. But after restarting the app (Mac), it was gone again.

I hope the Zwift team fixes the bug and it shows up again.

OK, I thought I am just to stupid to find it after I unlocked it :slight_smile:
I could not even find Focus in the Drop shop. But for the retro shirts it worked just fine :+1:

Logged out and in again. No Izalco frame in my garage, nor in shop. No paint job.

Zwifting on an iPad

Thanks, that was probably the issue. I thought it was set to auto update on my Android phone, but somehow it was not.
After the update FOCUS could be found in the Drop shop but the bike is locked for me. Logged in and out three times. Maybe will it get unlocked after I would finish the second race tomorrow?

Update: After riding the second stage I received the frame and paint job (again). This time it’s still in my garage after closing and reopening Zwift app.
I also recognized that my drop-count and my km-count for challenges was not increased by yesterday’s ride.:man_shrugging:t3:

Good stuff. Still no paint job here. Annoying bugs

Same issue for me. Completed the Lemonhaze ride today and no bike in the garage. Very annoying. Will try again tomorrow - not that I want to but I want that bike looks amazing and loved riding it during the race!

This is a bit odd, I completed yesterday’s event and I got the bike plus skin in my garage. I read the event rules as you complete one stage, you unlock the bike frame plus the Pari skin, with no stipulation as to required level. For the record, I’m level 6. I did complete the state on my Mac.

One odd thing was that yesterday, some people were saying that their own bikes sometimes weren’t rendered in the correct colors. Mine was green, one other person said theirs was blue or cyan.

same here. 3 stages (social ride, course and epic ride to the top) and still no virtual Izalco Max in Zwift garage. soooo saaaaaad.