Flux does not recognize slope

I have the following issue starting from today my Tacx flux is recognized and paired as a controllable trainer however it does not adapt to the grades on a course any longer…does anybody had that issue and how can I fix that

Already switched off on the trainer and restarted the computer. connection is with ant + to PC



Did you pair it as controllable trainer as well as power source. Also in the controllable section select the FE-C option.

Usually after Zwift updates my Flux has a habit of pairing as non controllable. Like Gerrie said you should ensure that FE-C is shown in the device name when paired.

Thanks to everybody will check my set up was since I started unchanged the issue occurred first will check


FC E is on it seems to be as it was the trainer the Flux didnt show green lights now he does. Ride tomorrow will report. I have my power always as power source since I started riding, thus this could not the problem, may be the last update indeed

Good luck, let us know if it work.

yep will do

All fine as was no issues thanks for the support looks like indeed it was the update