Flux 2 - Erg Mode does not lower the resistance


I use a Flux 2 with my Windows PC and pair my trainer and heartrate sensor with the companion app via bluetooth as I can not get a solid connection with any ANT+ adapter and any combination of USB cable length. For some reason the trainer is found but it does not apply the slopes at all. Furthermore I lose the heartrate sensor every 30 seconds. (I already ordered the Tacx Ant+ antenna and hope that it fixes it) I am using the latest Flux 2 firmware and before I ride I calibrate it to make sure nothing strange occurs.

My problem is, that during a workout in erg mode the resistance changes whith a cadence around 85-95 in higher intervalls. (I do not change the gears) As soon as the workout tells me to relax and ride with 105 watt for expample the Flux 2 does not decreases the resistance at all. Meaning that I am forced to ride with less cadence as with 85-95 I still continue in that last given resistance or it only drops to minimum 155 watt. As soon as the next intervall climbs to a higher resistance the Flux 2 creates a higher one than before without a problem. So what I experience is, that the resistance increases without problems but does not decreases at all. It is impossible for me to ride with less than 155 watt without dropping the cadence. Am I forced to shift my gear to a lower one to keep up my cadence? I dont get it. I thought that is exactly what a smartrainer is for.

Exact same issue here: running Flux 2 over bluetooth on MBP2019 with latest updates. Even more, going 250W+ is almost impossible as I’m spinning out on 53-11 with 100+ RPM with no any resistance changes in ERG mode (trying to use it for training plans).