Flat Tire - Be careful in London

This morning I took the bike off the trainer and took it downstairs to prepare for a ride outside. To my great shock I realized that the front tire was flat. I got a flat tire while riding in zwift. Yesterday I rode one of the London routes and went through the tube. It is likely I picked up the flat on those awful plywood boards they put in the tube. Those things are dangerous especially when they are wet which is all too frequent an occurrence in London. This is the worst feature “upgrade” ever.

That sucks. Hurtling down those shabby wood-covered stairs, I’m always surprised to still be on my bike at the turn and not wiping out violently against the wall. :flushed: My avatar’s bike handling skills are clearly far superior to mine IRL. At least the indoor rain showers in the London Underground section seem to be a thing of the past…

We can only hope that ZHQ will be working in closer partnership with Transport for London from now on, with an eye to investing more in infrastructure. (There’s a few hundred million pounds required to bring everything up to modern standards, so maybe a couple more rounds of VC funding are in order. :grin:)

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