Twice getting a flat tire

On two different wheels I got a puncture during a Zwift ride. 

I’m just curious how something like that would happen. The tires are in good condition and the only thing I can think is there was something small embedded in the tire that eventually worked its way into the tube?

Anyone else get flats?

Hi Neil, I haven’t had that problem…yet.  Another possibility: the rim tape might have shifted or torn [if your wheels use rim tape], which could expose a sharp edge to the tube.  Or perhaps just the simple misfortune of having two wheels which had the tube pinched somewhere between the tire and the bead seat.  There are lots of reasons for flats, but they always seem a bit more unfair when they occur indoors.

Good luck!

I would make sure I marked my tire so I could troubleshoot and see if it’s happening in the same area or not.  Shouldn’t happen in theory inside unless bad tubes/tires or Op error.  Here’s to many more miles without another flat!

I went thru a bad patch with getting flats on the trainer (tire and wheel only used indoors). It was always at the same spot. I found that my rim was out of round and it was flexing the tire at that point more than on other places causing it to rub and eventually fail. 


When I had a standard wheel on trainer I got flats all the time. Main reason was using a patched tyre. The glue overheats and lifts and you get a puncture. 

I did get a puncture on a non patched tyre was a cheap cheap where one of the seams gave way again I think heat related. 

Switched to a Tacx Neo in the end. 

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Change to a wheel off trainer - that way you don’t get flats at all as there is no wheel.


Your issue is probably caused by heat build up - you should change to a trainer tyre - they take the heat and wont wear out your road tyres.