Flashing squares in Jungle tunnel after Feb update

Not sure if this is just me or others have it, but I’ve found that after the last update I’m getting square blocks flashing as I ride through the jungle tunnel. Am posting here in case others get it. Am on a PC with nvidia 960 card

I’m having the same issue.  

Same here

I noticed the same since the update while riding London. Square is directly in the centre of the screen and flashes every now and again. I can’t attribute it to any particular section of road (ie: tunnel, low light, etc).

I am running on Nvidia 1050 in high (1080) mode

Yes, I’m getting flashing green squares, always in the Jungle tunnel

I got the flashing square today in London on Fox Hill. Middle of the screen, just below the HUD.

Nvidia GTX 970, Core i5 4690K, High 1080.

And sometimes, depending on the camera angle, water caustics effect in the top right quadrant of my workout shield.



same issue

I’m having the same issue. Has anyone come up with a fix for this?