Flagging riders disabled?

ZHQ, why did you disable the 7-flags-and-out feature? is it, after buying out & shutting down the zwiftpower forums, the latest attempt to tear down the last remaining form of community-control on the platform?


at least half of the races are dominated by some obvious fraud lately. fix it, really… we are getting fed up with this.

i don’t use this feature since i don’t use the companion app but i can’t think of a single good reason why they’d get rid of it. in approximately 350 races i have never once seen it misused

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Exactly. It was already nearly impossible to get to 7 flags to begin with.

In any case, we had 10 confirmed flags and the obviously fraudulent rider wasn’t ejected from the event. Would be good to confirm this feature is indeed disabled, or whether it was a temporary bug, so that we can make peace with another confirmation of Zwift’s official line (willfully deceiving = A OK), and next time, we don’t bother trying to get to those 7 flags…


All very true and dandy . However “good reason” would not appear to be a criteria applied to any change management process here.

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Kudos on you guys who are still sticking with Zwift racing. Zwift have no interest in making it legit anymore.
The only thing you can do now is accept that cheaters are gonna cheat and don’t let it bother you.
Zwift racing had the potential to be legit, but have thrown it all away.


I’ve never seen it as anything more than a mode of training. Even if you can enforce honesty the range of equipment itself is so wide and variable in quality and what is considered acceptable tolerances that you can’t even rely on that for a benchmark of ability. A race I did yesterday had a dual recording uploaded where the rider was apparently using a tacx genius primary and an assioma uno for his secondary. a 50% difference in wattage output over 20 minutes

With that said, he wasn’t a huge influence on the race so that’s one thing, but if someone is ripping off everyone’s legs at 6+ wkg for an hour then everybody suffers. So the flag system is necessary for that, I think.


Remove inaccurate or false times from Segment Leaderboards: Flag an the wrench icon at the left aide of the page to select 'Flag Ride/Run. if this flag enabled for a given OIC instance then they could in the flag status from disabled to enabled in the central feature flag server. we do our best to ensure a smooth ride you may experience some bumps.

Who judges what are the inaccurate or false times ???

Good call Milan. Rightly or wrongly, anyone in the event can be judge. I thought it was 5 votes but maybe its 7 - but from what I have seen, it only lasts for that event. Is it fair? I would like to think people use that feature for good and not evil but who knows!

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Just curious, does the flagging button require confirmation or is it just the one click? I’ve never used it myself and I’m mostly afraid I’ll click it by mistake instead of the fan view button next to it when DSing…

To work to any acceptable degree it would need to be built onto some sort of fairly sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning around data inputs.

Are zwift going to be able to do that given how long and how painful the simple anti-sandbagging roll out has been . No.

Has anyone else developed this yet . No

When someone does develop this what is going to happen . Racing will fairly quickly gravitate to that Platform.

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you have to admire him for still uploading the double :joy:

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FYI Ernestine, this is not about Strava, this is about in-game flagging of riders who ruin the race for all other paying zwift subscribers, in a deliberate fashion. You have the option to flag such people, using the companion app. It used to be the case that 7 flags, of 7 different race participants, would expel them from the event (just a one time suspension, with no other consequences attached).

This was a (somewhat) useful feature. Like S A mentioned, abuse was impossible because to get to 7, it would really need to be extremely obvious that the rider in question was outputting unrealistic watts. Even when it was obvious, it was really hard to get 7 riders to take the app, look up the rider, and flag him. I’ve done more than 600 races, and not once did I see it being successfully abused…

so, ZHQ, still waiting for that confirmation… temporary bug, or permanently disabled? Not an insanely unreasonable request for information, I would think…

I stick to Zwift (for now) because race organisors stick to Zwift. Unfortunate lock-in effect due to network externalities, on which Zwift is able to profit by providing a sub-par service. As I said before, a 2 week boycot of all big race organisors would definitely speed up developments on the race-front, I am sure :wink: perhaps we should provide some incentives and start a crowdfunding campaign to raise prize money for a large race-series on RGT :grin: