Remove jerseys, KOM and auto flag users that are way of on power

Remove jerseys, KOM and auto flag users that are way of on power

See image, why is this user going on like this for hours? should auto limit power to a normal level if user is that way of. 


EDIT: Image removed


Please read this before calling someone out on the forums:

Also, Zwift has used test accounts in the past and this could be one.

Zwift has features so you can flag suspect rides within the Zwift app. Zwift also has an algorithm to detect and boot those that are way outside what is humanly possible.

Did you use the app to flag the rider?

I don`t know what you are intending, but a user way of on his configuration should be handled. This is no attack. No reason for zwift to test this on a live public course. Your second to last  sentence is what I indicate that is not properly adjusted. Yes I know there is a flagging function, yes I flagged him.

Zwift has tested in the public course before. All I am saying is that it might be a Zwift run account and that might be why it didn’t get flagged by Zwift’s algorithm.


Hi everyone,

The user in question is not a test account, which we do not run in public as a general rule (that other time was a boo-boo on our part).

Additionally, he was only on for half-an-hour and was flagged by 3 other riders, which removed the jersey.

Once this happened, they noticed immediately and logged off. This also triggers a “Flyer Alert” email.


Thanks for the feedback, case closed