Fit is Fast Mission

I’ve seen on other topics that 4 of the 5 workout outs are Expand, Control the Burn, Heatwave and Instant Inferno. Does anyone know what the last one is, save me guessing.

To my knowledge there is no set workouts. You can do ANY 5 workouts.

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Yep. Even make your own workouts.

Just make sure you don’t do the same workout twice… =)

I.m not sure about that.
I had planned to do 5 separate workouts.
I had used the Instant Inferno before my TDZ stage 3 ride and thought it was a great pre race warm up.
I performed and abbreviated Instant Inferno before a Race yesterday and it completed the mission even though I had performed the same (but complete) work out 2 days previous.

What I did do was open Instant Inferno and then save it again (with no changes) in order to move it to my Custom workout folder so maybe Zwift thought it was another workout.

Maybe… I did the same costum workout (duration 1.5 h) on two different days, but only one was counted. On one day I did three different workouts (0.5 h each)… and all three were counted.

I think the process of opening the editor and saving the workout was viewed as 2 different workouts even though I made no changes.
I didn’t try the same work out twice so I wasn’t sure if that would work or not.