Fit file in progress

Im having a fit file that has the status “in progress” becuase of this the file stays on top of all the fit files and now it is blocking new ride uploads… how can i remove this fit file?

many thanks…

Can you expand on this, is this happening on Zwift?


EDIT: I was wrong, and this is a bug. :wink:

The in progress fit file should only show up if you’re currently in the game. If you are completely logged out, game is closed, then that file should have converted.

If you’re seeing this issue, let us know what platform you’re on, either here or via ticket.

@Jan - we’ve got a ticket from you, and I’ll get those details via email. 


Hi Jason, when I start a new ride, i do not see a prompt to resume is there a way to force it or to delete the complete file?

thanks, Jan