First ride update

(Joe Latka) #1

Set up was no problem – recognized my Kickr, HR strap and Garmin cadence sensor.
During ride - Watts/HR/Cadence - all seemed to be accurate and varied as expected.

  • Animation is good however maybe a bit more movement for the cyclist. After 10 mins, the screen went dark - I thought it was just my monitor going into sleep mode but when I woke it back up, I had lost all my sensors and only the banner across the top was visible, no animation anymore. Seems like the system crashed and I couldn’t save my ride.

Good start

(Jason K) #2

We’re sorry to hear you had a problem during your ride! Please drop us a line at support (you can click the link in the drop down menu below your name in the top-right of your screen or email it to with the log files, and we’ll check it out.

Thanks for the feedback!