First Ride - a few observations

(M Badertscher MGCC (B)) #1

I did my first ride today. Very positive experience overall. Here are a couple of issues I had and some suggestions:

  1. Pairing sensors: At the beginning, I had difficulties getting the sensors paired. I kept loosing the signal. Eventually, it worked and I’m not sure what caused this. I don’t have a suggestion how this could be fixed, but would appreciate if it could be looked into.
  2. I was using a laptop and I’m not experienced with these types of software / games. The laptop was not plugged in and I had no idea that it would drain the battery so quickly (battery died after less than 1 hour). I’d suggest a reference to this in a future user guide document.
  3. After the battery died I continued my workout for a few more minutes, got off the bike, took the laptop upstairs, plugged it in, and when the laptop came back to life, I saw that my avatar was still riding with a consistent cadence (presumably the cadence I was doing when the battery died). IMO in such a situation it would make more sense for my avatar to stop riding when the battery dies.
  4. Some of the onscreen information is very small and hard to read. The information on the right side that show the riders ahead and behind me is great, but I could hardly read the time gap; this should be a bit bigger in my opinion - or give the option of making it bigger (maybe with the trade-off that fewer riders are shown in the list).