First Impressions... LOVE IT!

(Jeff Preston65+@BNC) #1

Thanks for the invite! I just bought a KICKR and have been looking at BKOOL, Kinomap and Trainer Road. All were motivating in some way but I think Zwift is better than my experience with the others. I found the setup very easy and getting into the app easy as well. I ride with a PowerTap on my outside bike and found the power to be pretty close to what I’d expect if riding outside. I also found the resistance control to match my expectations for grade as well.

Is there somewhere to read about all the indications on the screen? As I road longer I started to figure out what things meant but there are still some things that I can’t figure out.

Lastly, while I enjoy the sounds on the island, especially the bluegrass music coming from the cabin (I’m from Western North Caroloina), how can I turn them off so I can listen to Spotify instead?

(' BTCNJ-Jim-HUBS(D)) #2

Adjust volume by back clicking on speaker lower right corner in windows . open Volume Mixer . You will see Spotify and Zwift volume levels , adjust accordingly .