Fire TV Cube support

Is it possible to add ability to install Zwift game on Fire TV Cube? It has very, very similar hardware specs to Apple TV and better than most mobile phones and tablets.

There is a similar request for Android TV integration, but I believe the Cube does not use that version of Android

Not really.

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Fair point. But the older Apple TV boxes must be closer and they ran Zwift. The CPU speed is similar, I imagine. I can’t find what the GPU speed is for the older Apple TV (or any for that matter), but the Cube is 800 MHz which is faster than a lot of older Android phones which run Zwift.

I don’t know the ins and outs of what specs play the most important role, but my point is, unless the specs of the Cube are not good enough (which would be fair enough), why not allow Zwift to be installed on it?

If Zwift can say that the specs are to low, fair enough, it would put this feature request to bed for the Cube and probably most modern Android TV’s.

Thing is, Apple TV (even 4K models) runs the game at just about the lowest graphics tier, at a pretty low frame rate. So yeah I strongly suspect they just don’t believe Android TV and boxes like the Fire TV Cube simply are powerful enough from a GPU standpoint. Bear in mind it’s not available for the Nvidia Shield either, and that’s long since been established as the best Android box for graphics processing power.

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