Zwift app for Fire TV

My life would be SO much better if there was a Zwift app for Fire TV, and I’m surprised there isn’t one. Would others be interested in this app?

Hi @Blake_Roeber, welcome to the forums. There is plenty of interest, however, the general consensus is that the Fire TV can’t handle to processing/graphic load required to run Zwift. If you search the forums you will find numerous threads on this topic. Please search before creating a new thread.


Here is a quick search: Search results for 'fire tv' - Zwift Forums


Thanks, Mike. So basically, Zwift could create the app, but it wouldn’t work well on Fire TV, due to the low processing power of the TV? … If I start shopping for TVs and I want to buy one that can run Zwift, which should I look for?

I don’t believe there is a “TV” that can run Zwift. Your best bet is getting an Apple TV box, but will have to deal with the many issues that seem to be plaguing Apple TV at the moment and one of the lowest detail/graphic levels available. The best experience is on a nicer desktop with an adequate graphics card, not the usual low end on-board graphics.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks Mike.

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