Finished 6wk FTP Builder, what's next?

I finished the 6 weeks beginners FTP Builder and it felt really good! Some stats:

Start FTP 220
Weight: 88

End FTP: 243
Weight: 86

The first weeks felt quite easy, though week 5 and 6 felt challenging, especially the Threshold Development sessions were hard, but without lowering the bias I made it. The last (free) ride I challenged myself to climb the Alpe du Zwift (in about 1hr26m).

I’ll take two weeks of rest, but then I’d like to start a training plan. I prefer a training plan not longer than 6 weeks (in the winter I’d like to do the Build Me Up plan). Which plan do you advice?

Good job :+1: I would say, go ride outside and have fun.

Last year I started just like you with the 6WK FTP builder and it was great. The only thing I hated was the rigid timetable in which you had to finish the workouts… I prefer to ride outside and use Zwift as a second plan in case the weather is bad.

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