Finish Line Ride

Just completed the finish line ride but did it from the workout menu rather than as a group workout. I’ve not received the credit for this.

Anybody able to confirm it must be done as a group workout?

Hi @Stuart.Middlecoate

Yes the finish line ride/runs must be completed in a group event. There are many available everyday during the last two weeks of the ZA tri event series.

The wife and I just completed the ZA short finish run and we joined the event, and neither of us got credit for it.

EDIT: they are now showing,… took a bit

Did the Finish Line ride today, but I’m on a Wattbike Atom… Having made it all the way through the 25 minute ramp, I got to the 5 minute power test and… NOTHING! It seems Zwift still haven’t fixed the bug that means the Wattbike won’t switch from Erg mode to Gear mode during workouts- so I couldn’t finish the flippin ride. Zero resistance and spinning out :roll_eyes:.

I ditched it after 5 minutes of frustration. And don’t have the credit even though I’ve done all the workouts and completed all the bits of the Finish Line ride I was physically able to due to that bug :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

That bug’s been there for at least two years or more… any plans to fix it, Zwift?

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Even if you failed the 5 minute free ride section you still get the credit if you finish.

I didn’t finish because of the bug.

You could have just skipped that section and give onto the cool down. Provided you completed all the other sections you’d have still been awarded the ride.

Oh……… Boo. :disappointed:

If you do it again skip the 25 min ramp & 5 min free ride and it’ll be done in 25 mins of which most is warming up and cooling down

Can we know when the semi-finalists of the ZAtri 2022 will be contacted?
Thank you in advance

Q: When does the Zwift Academy Tri start and finish?

A: Zwift Academy Tri runs from October 24, 2022, 3 pm UTC (8 am PT) to November 21, 2022, 8:59 am UTC (1:59 am PT) .
For those competing for a spot on the Zwift Academy Tri Team, finalists will be contacted in early 2023. More details to follow.