Finish line ride question

I finished what I thought was a Finish Line ride today (October 21st), but it showed up as a Baseline ride. The website clearly says that any ride completed after Sept. 27th is a Finishline ride. Why wasn’t it classified as a Finishline ride? (It was on the same course as my Baseline ride on Sept. 20th).



You did the baseline ride…

I think they added more baseline rides during the makeup period because a lot of people missed it.

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OK, how do you select the Finishline ride? I thought that it was the same course, but the difference is that the Baseline ride is done first and the Finish line ride is done last.

They are labeled “Finish line ride”

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Thanks, I guess that I can’t use the same method that I used to sign up for the Baseline ride to sign up for the Finish line ride.

Just open the companion app and pick the finish line ride and you are ready to ride.

Is it possible to do the finish run several times or is it only the first one that will “count” as the result, or is it the best time that will be used?

It’ll be your best time.

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I signed up for finish line run. Ran 5.28km. My result is not recorded but the other guy in the race is recorded. Is the 5k longer than 5.28km so i stopped before the finish line? Wierd if it’s longer than 5k

Earlier today i started another finish line race i didn’t finish. Could that have messed up everything?


You’ll have visual reminders that you’ve finished the event.

It’s possible its not recorded that you’ve completed it, happened before.

Your earlier aborted attempt shouldn’t have affected this.