Finding Zwift Clubs

I have a simple question. I have joined a club. I can see the club in the Companion app. But, I cannot see it on Zwift when I ride. How do I find it?

You can’t really “see” Zwift clubs in game. You can save a ride to a club at the end of your ride. As far as I am aware, that is the only place clubs are visible

What are you wanting to do or expecting exactly Jeff? What do you mean by “find” it when you ride? I’m having trouble picturing what you’re expecting. A club is a membership if you like so kind of an abstract thing, not something physical like a tree. How would you “find” a cycling club in the real world? If you’re on a team or club some people put the acronym in their name “e.g. John Smitn [GCCC]” but that’s about it. There’s no official tagging mechanism in zwift for clubs or teams (which admittedly is a bit odd) and some clubs and teams may issue with a team/club jersey to wear but even that is optional. The club isn’t a group or bunch that is always present in-world like a bot pacer or group event. A club may or may not organise events, which you can find in the companion app “events” list as always.

Oliver himself (above) has a guide to how clubs work - see A Complete Guide to Zwifts Clubs Feature - ZRace Central