Finding riders

Finding riders. It is difficult to find a rider when there are over 1200 on the circuit; scrolling through all to locate is almost impossible. Would it be possible to add a “find” feature to the start board?

+1 find/ride with feature would be nice.

Especially when your friends are on the track but not nearby. Sometimes it looks like they where not on track.

I recognized that when “peeking” with the app I could see them but when I am “riding” I don’t see the riders I follow anymore because they are not nearby!?

Also, you need to find a way to find riders who are not online.  

Yes, you are right.

We need a search for “on track nearby”, “on track anywhere” and “online or offline”.

Guys give it a vote!

and when you join you should automaticly be riding at the same speed as the rider you join or join 3-400m ahead of the rider so that you won´t get dropped and have to chase for 10min to catch up





When you select “ride with” you should be set on the same route.  It’d also be nice if your friends were highlighted in the course overviews in the top right, then you’d have a reasonable idea where they are if they are not “nearby”.

Would like to be able to find riders on the course when I select “Just Watch”. Also would like to be able to see Riders i follow on the Mobile Link app even if they are riding in an event (I noticed that friends who are entered in an Event do not show up in the list of who’s on)