Search option for "....or join in near a friend"

(Daniel DeGagne CVR (C)) #1

I have been using the product for a week now and it would be great to have an option to search for a friend in a user bar. Could make things easier when joining a group and chatting.

Anyways, i’m loving the riding so far.

(Johan Barelds [ASAP]) #2

I agree!

And to be even more specific: to be able to search a rider even when he is offline. At this moment i only can see riders who are online. Searching for online riders would only be half as usefull.

Also some filter options. 
e.g. the option to filter on country.


Gr. Johan

(Hamid Abugideiri) #3

I also agree.  I’ve logged on at the same time as a friend but I couldn’t find him (with all the other riders and the constant refresh)… so I rode alone :frowning:

(Andrew Greif) #4