Final Surge

Please enable support for final surge

It’s been voted best app in many places, supports most other apps, why do you not have a native integration??

I’m sure you know the work around, but just Incase you can sync to Garmin or Strava and it will then upload to FinalSurge if you setup the connection.

The more app/website s that Zwift can upload to the better.

Wow. It is hard to believe that Zwift has no syn link to Final Surge. Time to get current.

But it look like it is compatible with Strava so just link your strava account.

You could just get a free Strava account and have them automatically upload if the Garmin Connect does not work.

Hopefully Zwift DOES allow automatic uploads to Final Surge, but until then your best bet is Strava (if Garmin Connect does indeed fail).

I have all my Zwift rides automatically uploaded to FS using Strava and it works great.

I might have to disconnect Strava and test just having the Garmin Connect connected.

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I disconnected my Strava account from Final Surge so the next time I do I Zwift ride I will know if the Garmin Connect works.

OK, I’ll check to see if my next Zwift ride syncs to FS.

I’ve just got Zwift and Final Surge is my preferred platform, so please do implement this soon. Final Surge are really helpful when it comes to communications (I helped another developer add final surge to the app) so I’m sure they would go the distance (no pun intended) to help!

I’d also like to see Final Surge implemented. Right now I’m always manually uploading my data by downloading the .fit file from Zwift first. A lot of coaches use Final Surge incl. Mark Allen (my coach)…Please update soon! Thank you!!

You could setup a free Strava or Garmin account and link it to Zwift and the upload will be automatic. This works for me.

I have both, but I don’t record my Zwift rides with my Garmin (have HR & cadence sensors connected to Zwift via ANT stick), as I like to see all the Zwift data incl. elevation gain on Final Surge. Currently all Zwift data is synced to Garmin & Strava, just not Final Surge.

Ok, you can still automatically upload your Zwift rides to Strava and then link Strava to Final Surge and you will see HR, Cadence, Speed, Distance AND Elevation data. Works for me, no need to manually upload .fit files.

I don’t think Mark cares about virtual elevation data, he is looking at HR, cadence and power for biking. BTW, he is also my coach.

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Got you. I’ll try that. Thank you!!

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Old thread, but still no sync from Zwift to Final Surge natively.

While the work around to have Strava send the data to Final Surge works, Garmin Connect does not (Garmin API does not transfer over data not originating from a Garmin device) There is one issue with that implementation, people that run with power. Strava does not sync power data to Final Surge. I need to get it from Garmin Connect.

Since I have Garmin Connect and Strava syncing to Final Surge I get daily duplicates. It’s a pain to have to manually delete them daily.