Filters within Training

I would like filters within the training area. There are loads of workouts but i struggle to find them easily. For example filters could be:

Workout time - min and max boxes where you can input values or have a drop down
Stress factor - again min and max boxes or a drop down.

That way if I have 55 - 70 mins and I want a workout between 70 - 85 stress factor, I will be given a list of all the options, including the ones embedded in things like Zwift Academy etc.

I have raised this to Zwift but they suggested I post the topic to get more support. Please support it or add any other suggestions.

I fully agree. There is so much potential in the workout area. Yes there is whatsonzwift but why just another external service!?
I would like to just search for „Sweet spot“ „VO2max“ or „recovery“ and choose from the available workouts. But the current structure is a mess.

The workouts itself are great and I would love to see more development in this area.

If you look at TR with their Plan builder to train for a specific event in x weeks. Or the flexibility when to perform the workouts. If you combine that with the increadible Zwift experience, that would just be next level.