Workout Search

There is a huge library of workouts on Zwift, but the lack of searchability makes discovering new workouts more trouble than it’s worth. Users should be able to search for workouts with the following criteria:

  • Workout Title
  • Duration
  • Primary zone targeted
  • Discipline (sprint, TT, breakaway, long-distance/aerobic endurance, climbing, etc.)
  • TSS
  • Difficulty
  • Tags
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Oh right… forgot about whatsonzwift. Good solution in the meanwhile, but that should really be built into the game.

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Is this feature a WIP? It would be really nice to be able to filter through workouts more easily and not explore multiple collections and plans to find what you’re looking for.
I find that some of the collections like “30-60 minutes to burn” do not actually contain all of the workouts that are that length, so finding the workout you’re looking for can take unnecessarily long.
Under “Explore Workouts” I find similar issues when I search by “Effort”. If I’m looking for a workout I’ve done previosuly with a Level 3 difficulty. It’s not actually showing all of them through this filter.

I agree on your observations. I sometimes see friends who have done a workout buried in, say, week 7 of FTP Builder programme but do you think I can find it? Being able to search on a key word shouldn’t be that hard? It’s how every search engine in the world works. Be like looking for the word “cycle” and searching under a category “every word in the English dictionary with 5 letters” that is not alphabetically organised and expect to easily find the word “cycle”.