Workout page

So I got on my treadmill and tried to find a workout and spent 15 minutes browsing trying to find 30 minute easy run. I wound up not using Zwift and just running

Maybe it’s me but I find the interface of the work out screen a bit confusing. There should be a tutorial that explains each of the areas And what they mean as far as the Screen with all the different workout options or running options.

I think Zwift are trying to do some work to tidy it up but I suspect it will miss the mark for some.

I’d suggest you use Zwift workouts and training plans | What's on Zwift? and filter by Run - most workouts are in Zwift and it helps direct you to where to look in the Workout folders (a search button in Zwift would also be useful!)

Thanks a lot. So once I find a workout on that page/site how does that help me to find that workout when I go into the Zwift app amd ready to run?

By the way is there a tutorial for the Zwift app page with all the workouts?

So an example is say I am looking for a simple Sweet Spot workout - so use that in my keywords box.

A bunch of workouts popup. I like the look of say this one and its part of the Z Racing plan (in its title):

From the home screen, I select:


Then scroll down till I find Z Racing folder:

No tutorial that I know of. You will get used to it by clicking around, asking, or maybe search

And no, that web site isn’t integrated unfortunately!